There are plenty of celebrities who don’t like President Donald Trump and aren’t afraid to let everyone know it. However, Jesse James just made his stance on the matter perfectly clear. As it turns out, he made a “special gift” for the president — and liberals are not going to like it.

Most celebrities want you to think that everyone hates President Trump. Of course, that’s not true, considering the millions of Americans who elected him to become our leader. Despite this reality, the left still lies on a daily basis in a desperate attempt to get a Democrat back into office.

Too bad for them, proud Trump supporters continue to prove just how wrong these liberal elitists are. In fact, Jesse James was the most recent person to do just that. Now, the famous television personality, best known as the host of “Monster Garage” on the Discovery Channel and the founder of West Coast Choppers, is making waves with his most recent business decision.

Come to find out, he just made President Donald Trump a “special gift” — and liberals are not going to like it. According to Forbes, “Jesse James, who appeared on the second season on ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ has made a .45 for Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States.”

Yes, you read that right, Jesse James made a fully customized 1911 handgun for President Donald Trump, and the word “badass” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

As reports, Jesse was at SHOT Show 2018, where he decided to show off the new piece. Seen at the Jesse James Firearms Unlimited booth, the engraved firearm was in a glass display box, and boy did it grab its fair share of attention.

Not only is the pistol downright beautiful, but it was designed for one man and one man only — President Donald Trump. Clearly seen in the publicly released photos of the gun, the firearm bears the name of “Donald J. Trump” across the full length of the slide and parts of the receiver.

Jesse James Makes 'Special Gift' For President Trump — Liberals Are Going To HATE This

In fact, Jesse even needed to add a compensator at the end just to make sure it was long enough to fit Trump’s entire name. On the other side, the text reads, “The 45th President” and “United States of America.”

To top it all off, Jesse also made sure to have the hand grip bear the presidential seal, and seeing how the gun was made for President Donald Trump, it just couldn’t go without having some gold on it, too.

Jesse James Makes 'Special Gift' For President Trump — Liberals Are Going To HATE This

However, the best part is something that many people actually missed. As can be seen only by looking down the barrel of the gun, Jessed stamped the words “Build That Wall” on the front.

“Donald Trump’s kind of old school, like 1970s,” Jesse said in a brief interview about the piece. “You know, New York City rich guy. So, a little bit of gold, a little bit of decorative filigree work.” So, how much is it worth? Well, Jesse doesn’t want to divulge that number but states that it did take him “a full year to finish.”

As for his plans, he hopes to hand deliver it to President Trump sometime soon. “I will take the gun to the White House and give it to him,” Jesse explained. However, there’s a slight problem. When a gift is formally given to the President of the United States, by law, it essentially belongs to “the people.”

Basically, this means that Trump wouldn’t really own the gun and would be unable to take it home when his presidency was over. Fortunately, Jesse has already taken this into consideration and states that “hopefully, it will end up on display in his presidential library” for everyone to enjoy.

Of course, liberals will hate Jesse’s “special gift,” but they certainly don’t speak for the entire country. President Donald Trump means quite a bit to a lot of people, and the amount of time, dedication, and effort put into this gun proves it. If people who know him personally are willing to go to such lengths because they believe Trump is worth it, then he must not be the bad guy the media wants us to think he is.

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