During Wednesday’s press briefing, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders accepted a question from ABC reporter, Jonathan Karl.

Karl was insistent from the get-go that President Trump was the one to blame for our recent government shutdown, and he inquired as to whether the wall proposition was the pre-eminent cause for the shutdown.

Sanders responded, very diplomatically, that they have been extremely transparent regarding their wishes to obtain a two-year budget to aid in the efforts to build the wall between the United States and Mexico.

“We’ve made no secret that the President wants funding for the wall, and he wants border security. And we expect to see that reflected in the budget.”

Karl responded by asking why President Trump wanted a government shutdown, a query which Sarah Sanders quickly nipped in the bud when she replied:

“The point he’s making, when you put it in context, is that ‘If we are gonna have that fight, it’s a fight that the Democrats started last time and lost, and we think that we would win again.’ We want a 2-year budget deal, we want an immigration plan that fixes the problem and doesn’t further kick the can down the road. Those are the two focuses, and we hope that we get those done.”

Using past experience as a reference, the President surely wasn’t wrong in his assumption that the Democrats would lose. Again. And apparently their memory doesn’t serve them well, but Sarah Sanders was able to quickly remind them, and catch them up to speed on the needs that we have right now, and what the Trump administration is going to accomplish in the coming months.

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