Eric Holder recently went on live television and stated that he was considering a presidential bid. Too bad for him, things just blew up in his face as Mike Huckabee wrecked his world — and it only took five brutal words to do it.

The Democrat Party is falling apart. With a clear lack of leadership, it seems that their biggest priority should be establishing someone who can once again unify them. One such person just stepped into the limelight — former Attorney General Eric Holder.

Alright, now that you’ve stopped laughing, it seems the man is actually serious about it and has most recently taken to a televised interview to say so. While appearing on Rachel Maddow’s show, Holder confirmed rumors that he was contemplating a run for higher office.

The fact that Eric Holder is even considering a run for the presidency should be enough to split the sides of any conservative American. However, the left genuinely thinks he may be a good contender against President Donald Trump.

“Well, I’m focusing on the NRDC making sure that — with regard to redistricting, I’m focusing my efforts there,” Holder said after being asked about running. “I will make a decision at the end of this year about what I want to do with regard to higher office.” Making matters worse, he openly condemned Trump and his administration’s “attacks on the DOJ.”

Shockingly, he was able to get through his remarks with a straight face considering the fact that it’s people like him who Trump takes issue with. When someone abuses their authoritative power to benefit a political party, that’s an issue. We saw that when the Obama administration, which included Holder, weaponized the IRS to target grassroots tea party groups, betraying the very office he worked for.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Holder still affirms today that the DOJ doesn’t owe anyone an apology for what the IRS did back then. To top it all off, Holder most recently ran into the arms of liberals and bashed Trump during a speech that he made at “The Monitor Breakfast.” Despite all this, along with the facts we’re learning now about what happened behind the curtains of former President Barack Obama’s administration, Holder still thinks he stands a chance.

Too bad for him, Mike Huckabee just wrecked his world, and it only took him 5 brutal words to do it — “very rare Contempt of Congress.” Starting off by calling Holder “dishonest,” it wasn’t long before the former Arkansas governor dished out a nasty tongue-lashing.

“A lot of the stuff that Eric Holder was saying was just political nonsense and rhetoric. And that’s fine. That’s what people do at those kinds of events. But he said a couple of things that were utterly dishonest, one of which was the president is disparaging the Justice Department and the FBI. That’s not true,” Huckabee said, as BizPac Review reports.

“[Trump] has made it clear over and over that he respects the institutions in the rank and file. But what does he not respect is when people at the highest levels abuse their badge, their guns and their power and they go after people for political views,” he continued.

“That’s not going after the institutions, it’s trying to preserve the integrity of them,” Huckabee added. “Which has been compromised by people like Peter Strzok and Lisa Page and Andrew McCabe, and Bruce Ohr and a host of other people who shouldn’t even be getting a government paycheck. And Eric Holder can’t defend that,” he further explained.

“Some of the things that he said, I want to say, ‘Eric, you sure are talking a lot. Why didn’t you go and talk to Congress? You didn’t. You ended up getting something very rare, a contempt of Congress citation because you wouldn’t talk,’” Huckabee pointed out. “I just wish he had been as forthcoming with his comments when he was Attorney General and was trying to be held accountable for his actions in that role,” the no-nonsense former governor concluded.

With the recent findings on the FBI and DOJ, many people have been saying that the bombshell evidence of bias is just the tip of the iceberg. One can only imagine what will come as times goes on. With that said, there aren’t too many people who think that former President Barack Obama’s top officials weren’t all knee deep in corruption with their leader as well.

Things are going to get pretty bumpy here for Democrats during the next few months and maybe even years. Eric Holder can contemplate a run president, but the American people already now that he is among the worst of the worst. Too bad for him, it looks like he’s on a collision course, and he probably knows it.

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