When he was first asked to attend President Donald Trump’s inauguration, he hung up on the woman who invited him, thinking it was a scam. But on Friday, Shane Bouvet met the president in the Oval Office.

Trump read about Bouvet, a FedEx courier who volunteered for his 2016 campaign, in a Washington Post story that chronicled the work the 24-year-old volunteer did and explained his financial struggles as a single dad whose father was fighting cancer:

Trump was so “touched” by Bouvet’s story, he requested to meet him at the inauguration, and as the Stonington, Illinois, native got up to leave the VIP section, the soon-to-be president tapped him on the shoulder and told an aide to send him a check for $10,000:

According to CBS News, Bouvet received that check in late January. Rather than keep the money for himself, though, Bouvet gave the full check to his father, Donald, who has been fighting bladder cancer for five years.

On Friday, Bouvet was able to sit face-to-face with the man who helped his dad.

Trump expressed gratitude for Bouvet’s hard work and financial sacrifices during the campaign, telling the young man, “You didn’t have anything, and you gave all of it.”

“I’ve always told Shane … one day I wanted to come here or meet you somewhere, shake your hand and look you in the eye and say, ‘Thank you for saving my life,’” Bouvet’s father told the president.

The commander in chief called the Bouvet’s story “incredible,” adding, “that is a tremendous story of love of a father by his son. You just don’t see it often and it’s one of the beautiful things.”

Donald Bouvet, it should be noted, is now cancer-free.

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