In the wake of the high school shooting that took place on Valentines Day, everyone is asking themselves if there’s something they could have done differently to stop this attack. The left sees this as just another reason that guns should be restricted, and are pushing for more vetting for those who want to purchase or even own a firearm. This argument is inevitably met by the right with a plethora of arguments about how the second amendment makes us safer.

One of the biggest examples of that argument happened last year when the very lawmakers who debate these types of issues were themselves attacked by a madman with a gun. He came to a softball field where they were practice charity game and started shooting. Several were injured, but no one died, due to the heroic efforts of the Capitol Police.

The Capitol Police were the first line of defense for the lawmakers that day, but what about the students who don’t have the advantage of armed police around them at all times? Their first line of defense are the teachers who go to work every day, trying to make those kids lives better. That can’t happen if the lives are cut short by a disturbed individual who decides to work out his issues with an assault rifle.

With that thought in mind, USA Today reports that the Florida Legislature is taking up a bill that would allow those teachers to arm themselves if they see fit. The idea being that first off the teacher could defend the students if it comes down to it and that if a would-be mass murderer knows that he might be met with deadly force, that would stop some of the problems before they start:

“The deadly shooting at a Florida high school has given new life to a proposal in the state Legislature to end a ban on guns in schools.

A bill to allow a principal to designate someone to carry firearms on public school campuses will be heard Tuesday in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

It’s an idea proposed by Republican Sen. Dennis Baxley, author of the nation’s first Stand Your Ground law. Before Wednesday’s mass shooting, it had not been scheduled for consideration by any of the three committees to which it had been assigned.

GOP Sen. Greg Steube decided to bring it up for discussion in the wake of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., that left 17 people dead. Since first elected to the House in 2010, Steube has been the Legislature’s foremost opponent to gun-free zones.

‘I don’t feel gun-free zones protect anyone but criminals, and there is no evidence that says otherwise,’ said Steube when he filed a bill to allow guns into more areas after the 2017 Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport killings.

Top Senators quickly moved to put distance between themselves and the Baxley proposal. Republicans Bill Galvano and Wilton Simpson, the Senate’s designated leaders through 2022, told Politico they are not in favor of the proposal.

Senate President Joe Negron gives the Senate chairs autonomy to schedule hearings and whether to act on proposals. A day after the shooting, even before Steube’s agenda was announced, Negron spoke to reporters about his push for more money for school safety and to allow district superintendents to act in their schools’ best interests.

‘I would leave those decisions to individual school districts,’ Negron said when asked about metal detectors, armed guards, and other school safety measures.

Steube persistently passed bills to repeal gun-free zones while in the House and watched them die in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Appointed the committee’s chair last session, his first in the Senate, Steube has tried unsuccessfully to expand gun rights and repeal gun-free zones. He has been opposed by Miami-Dade Republicans who have sided with Democrats to block the proposals.”

No one is looking to arm a person who isn’t already legally allowed to own and use a firearm. In fact, Florida law already has measures in place to deal with the possibility of a person with a known mental illness owning a firearm.

“Under Florida law, a person must be found ‘mentally defective’ in court to slow or completely stop the purchase of a firearm. To be found ‘mentally defective’ — defined as ‘marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness … a danger to himself or herself or to others or lacks the mental capacity to contract or manage his or her own affairs’ — a judge has to find that person not competent to stand trial, or the person must be acquitted of a crime by reason of insanity, Florida law states.”

Of course, liberals are melting down over anything “gun.” Take Rosie O’Donnell for example. Her normally insane Tweets have become even more so in recent days.

Back in 2012, the NRA actually launched a program to train school security personnel on firearm use, and the NRA paid for all of it.

The NRA is in favor of teachers arming themselves.

Via NPR:

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” says Wayne LaPierre, NRA’s executive vice president, after he talks about how the teachers and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School couldn’t stop gunman Adam Lanza because none of them were armed.

The fact of the matter is, we’re already trusting teachers with our kids. If we thought they were unwell or didn’t have our kid’s best interest at heart, they wouldn’t be teachers. As we saw last week, many teachers have, and would, give their lives for their students. But just because they would die, doesn’t mean that they should. Why not give them the chance to fight back?

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