Last week, President Trump announced that he was going to put in place tariffs on steel and aluminum. On Tuesday, Jesse Gary, the Executive Vice President at Century Aluminum told Trish Regan on Fox Business Network that Century Aluminum will hire 300 new employees in Kentucky after the tariffs.

Eight-hundred new US steel and aluminum jobs were announced last week. Now check out this video from James Powell, a superintendent for Century Aluminum.

“This community was devastated when those lines were shut down. So to have those lines come back up, just the opportunity to have that happen, is going to be great. These tariffs that is being signed, it’s going to bring back… This gives a lot of hope and opportunity. Meeting the president was an honor. Just talking to him it feels like he’s one of us.”

President Trump stuck with his plan to enact tariffs and it seems to be paying back in spades.

Do you think that Trump is right to put out Tariffs? Let us know below.

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