President Trump held a speaking event at the White House today for the “Generation Next Summit” where millenial entrepreneurs were able to sit in on a candid conversation with the President.

Conservative personality Charlie Kirk hosted the event and asked Trump a host of questions about his first year as President and the exciting things he has done since his inauguration.

At one point, Kirk asked Trump what one piece of advice he would give to his younger self. Trump stunned the audience with his response.

“Don’t run for President.”

The audience burst into laughter for a good minute.

“All my life I’ve gotten really – you know … I got the greatest publicity, I was getting such good publicity, until I ran for office. … There is a lot of really fake news out there. I’m actually proud of the fact that I exposed it to a large extent because we’ve exposed it. …”

This just goes to show you how incredible of a man President Trump is. He has taken media beatings like no other President has been forced to, all because he has vowed to drain the swamp. What other person do you know that would forfeit their salary just to help make America great again?

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